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This is a community for the dissemination of information and discussion about our annual springtime event, held near the Washington D.C. area. Membership is currently unmoderated, but this event is private. If you stumbled upon this community, and you don't know any of us, please do not join. You are welcome to read the moderators' journals, and decide if we are the sort of folks you'd like to be acquainted with, and perhaps we can get to know you. But strangers are not welcome at the event.

While we call the event "Beltane" we have recently begun holding it a little later in May than is traditional. This permits folks who are so inclined to celebrate the holiday itself with their spiritual communities (as this event is secular) and also because it tends to be warmer for camping.

Details on each year's event will be posted to the community. All members may post, but please keep the conversation on-topic, and use a cut tag on all pictures. Most of the traffic will be about event details and logistics, although discussion about Beltane traditions, informational links, etc. are also welcome. We will permit limited posting about products and services that are directly related to the event (e.g., feel free to post if you have some garb you’d like to sell, or if you have a link to cheap camping supplies) but spamming is prohibited, and will get you banned.